Run! Swim! Pedal!
Personal letterings
Seven Commandments
Illustrations to july/2016 issue of Saúde Magazine. Published by Editora Abril.
Selected Lettering
Compilation of personal hand lettering artwork.
Menu Magazine
Cover design to Menu Magazine - Wine Special June/2016 issue. Editora Três.
So What
Acrylic on Canvas, 110x110mm. 'So What', opening track from Miles Davis' Kind of Blue.
The Best Diet for...
Illustrations to mar/2016 issue of Saúde Magazine. Published by Editora Abril.
Drizzle Town
Hand-lettered city map with all the 96 districts of São Paulo.
This song is my song
Lettering designs to campaign of TIM Music/Deezer streaming platform.
Personal illustration
Poster illustration
Lovely Losers
Lettering, personal work.
Collection of monogram designs
Personal work.
Converse Brazil
Mural made for Converse Headquarters in SP, Brazil. 1908, year of company's foundation.
Romário Quotes
Some famous and polemic quotes from Romário, brazilian football player.
Storvo Clothing
Designs to Storvo Summer'14 Collection. Storvo Inc, is lifestyle company based in SP.
The 1st one
Birthday party invitation
Test of Spreadsheets
Bottle labels created to special report of Você S/A magazine. Apr/2015. Editora Abril.
Illustration to SneakersBR, brazilian magazine about sneaker culture.
Custom-made Menu
Illustration to BT Experience fitness magazine. Oct/2014.
Jackie Robinson Day
Personal lettering artwork.
Ideas Leaders Products
Cover design to Exame magazine december/2013 issue. Editora Abril.
Anticancer Menu
Lettering designs for article about foods to prevent and fight against cancer. Saúde Mag.
Instant Happiness
Lettering designs for Glamour Magazine Brazil. Oct/2014.
It's All Around You
Illustration inspired by one of my favorite bands. Personal artwork.
Blood, Sex & Power
Lettering design for opening spread. July/2014 issue. Adventures in History Mag.
Impostor Phenomenon
Letterings to feb/2014 issue of Você S/A Magazine. Published by Editora Abril.
How People Work
Lettering to Superinteressante book cover 'How People Work'. Editora Abril.
Exame Susteinability
Cover illustration to the 2013 edition of Exame's Susteinability Guide. Editora Abril.
Your Mac Faster
Illustration to july/2013 issue of Macmais Magazine. Published by Editora Escala.
Each One With Its Own
Illustrations to Casa & Comida Magazine, december/2013 issue. Editora Globo.
Women's Health
Illustrations to may/2013 issue of Women's Health Brazil Magazine. Editora Abril.
Illustrations to april/2013 issue of Saúde Magazine. Published by Editora Abril.
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